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We'd like to explain our services, who they're for, and why they're great


We buy old homes, land and structures, fix them up, and rent them to the public. These are properties we own and usually intend to keep for years.

Property Preservation

We work with national companies and investors who buy and sell vacant and foreclosed homes, apartments and storefronts. We provide the maintenance and repair need before being relisted.


We have a farm where we lease a house, small apartment, and two barns with 29 horse stalls over five acres. Currently for rent, see below.


We partner with investors to flip houses, apartments and other mixed-use properties. Often, this is through joint venture or hard money loans.

OLM Rentals

Units Available:

14708 Delaware Lakewood (under construction)


4145 Brookside Cleveland * 3742 West 139th Cleveland * 3744 West 139th Cleveland * 4384 West 182nd West Park * 1614 Cordova Lakewood * 9013 Memphis Villas Brooklyn * 19272 E River Columbia Station * 860 Brunsdorph Fairlawn * 3027 Seminole Chipley * 3746 Bosworth Cleveland * 14708 Delaware Lakewood

For Sale:

7411 Dellbank Brooklyn: (see listing)

Recent Sold:

3472 West 99th Cleveland $69,900

OLM Preservation

Exterior Services for individuals, investors, and companies:

Painting * tree removal * siding * all roofs and roof related work * stone * mortar * water main * chimney * HVAC * and more.

Interior Services for individuals, investors, and companies:

Painting * dry wall * electrical * breaker box * fuse panel * all plumbing * new room frame out * finished basements * projectors and surround sound * carpet * tile floors * hardwood floors and restoration * new bathroom floors, toilets, showers, sinks, fixtures * kitchen counters, floors, ceilings, fixtures, lighting * and more.

Farming and Horse Boarding

We purchased an old thoroughbred horse farm which needed significant repairs to the farm house, mother in law apartment, fencing, fields, and barns. Since then we have restored all features of the property and rent its various units.

The property features five acres with a pond and willow tree surrounded by woods. If you go far enough, these are the same woods as the Columbia Reservation (Metroparks). We have (29) stalls but only allow (10) horses between both barns (4500 sq.ft. and 6500 sq.ft.). Barns have city water hookups with electric and separate breaker panels.

The 6500 sq.ft. barn has 17 stalls, a wash bay, office, hot water tank, heater, good lighting, and is multi-floor. It can be used as an indoor track. The 4500 sq.ft. barn has 12 stalls, is multilevel as well, with a dedicated birthing room, tool shop with power and lighting, and a large attached garage with concrete floor and huge overhead space.

We have fixed fencing out front creating four paddocks all the way to the hedge of pines before the street. This first is a small paddock for when its muddy, the second an outdoor riding arena (grass), the third a paddock with trees, shrubs and ravine, and the fourth is the front-most paddock which includes the pond, willow tree and tons of grass.

The back yard utilizes aluminum panel fencing which you are welcome to configure. There are enough panels and gates to create a number of paddocks and unique areas for let out, working, training, etc. Between the barns there is a large fine gravel parking lot with sufficient space for the trucks and trailers. Laid new gravel for the driveway recently with upgrades to both barns, new fencing, and more.


We are currently looking for (1) tenant to lease both barns and all acreage for self-service purposes. Max horses on the property (10); require one-month security deposit equal to the first month rent; tenant must transfer water and electric utilities into their name and pay any security deposit required by the water co.; tenant to provide proof of manure removal service engagement prior to move in; manure, garbage, sewer and landscaping are paid by the tenant. Barns are rented as-is with no repair intended or implied. If you are interested in leasing this property, please email to setup a private viewing. At this time we will only respond by email. 

OLM Investors


We consult at $65.00/hour on real estate purchasing, financing, rehab planning, technology, accounting, and business management. These services have been sold to individual investors and startup companies.


At times we seek from investors $10,000-$50,000 cash loans to acquire properties with. We repay these loans at 6%-10% over 12-36 month terms. These are properties that we buy, title and own outright, and we secure the loan against collateral.


With some investors, we have partnered, meaning they provide the money, we do the work for an agreed price, or we both go 50/50 on a property in all respects, and we subsequently split the proceeds according to the agreement. This service allows investors to gauge their interest in buying and selling real estate with an experienced partner, all the while having a safety net of high monthly return via renting.


The most common way we work with investors is where they buy and title their own properties and we come in an advise how to leverage the infrastructure and bid the entire remodel, from the ground up. We perform all the work needed on an agreed time frame for a flat-fee. We require half of the invoice to be paid upon acceptance, and the other half due upon completion. We work with investors who have as few as one or two homes, to investors who purchase 25+ homes per month.

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