Done right.


In this world, you get what you pay for. This doesn’t mean buying the most expensive service, it means buying the right service. We’ve come in and saved our clients literally millions of dollars. We’ve walked into projects with cut-rate contractors literally scrapping million dollar investments that would require millions more to replace because they didn’t understand what they were looking at or what city code requires. With O’Neill Land Management, you’ve got the right team.


We provide residential and commercial subcontracting services to construction managers, general contractors, developers and owner representatives where we act as a subcontractor. From framing and mechanical roughs, to kitchen and bath remodeling, we specialize in taking a project from start-to-finish. Our best value is our residential remodeling services to investors in the greater Cleveland area. Turnkey providers, flippers and long-term hold investors who own and manage income properties bring us on when they need the job done.


With a traditional design-bid-build delivery method, we take on all the risk and manage subcontractors and material suppliers. Forming a project schedule and phasing plan, maintaining onsite presence, preserving subcontractor document compliance, identifying and adjusting the scope of work for change orders and project close-out is the responsibility of the General Contractor. Best practices in supply chain and project management give us the ability to efficiently execute the day-to-day operations of a full-scale project. Both competitive lump sum bids and cost-plus GMP fee projects available.


For larger scale projects, a collaborative relationship with a construction manager may be valuable. From pre-construction to post-construction, there is a constant presence. During pre-construction when drawings are incomplete or a project is in the idea stage, we can provide advice on initial estimates, safety considerations, timelines, scheduling, value-add options and bid packages to receive accurate proposals from sub-trade contractors. Amid construction, we maintain quality control by meeting with subcontractors for updates on progress and complications and we also meet with owners and architects for a project-to-date overview with trade-specific line item cost-to-date analysis. In the course of post-construction, we deliver a realistic punch list process and finalize project close out. Operating and maintenance manuals are provided along with in-person education on mechanical equipment and maintenance requirements. Guarantees and warranties are provided, and final waivers of liens and certificate of occupancy or substantial completion are procured. Flat fee pricing is offered and keeps goals aligned between the owner and us.


There are many ways to get into the real estate investing arena. Some people want to be hands on and in the trenches with us, and others look from a passive vantage point. O’Neill Land Management works with partners to find the skillsets and value each of us can bring to an investment. Whether it’s strictly an equity position, or an investor who wants to get involved in day-to-day operations, we will tailor our partnership to your level of interest and engagement.


We have skin in the game, investing alongside our partners in every single deal. We don’t rely on typical sponsorship fees for transactional income. If you make money, we make money and if you lose, we lose too.


We partner with one of the largest real estate investors in the country, Tim Bratz, whose CLE Turnkey owns thousands of units nationwide and millions under management  and has a proven track record.


We’re at home. Born in Cleveland, raised in Parma, we only invest in the town and suburbs we know and love. Locally owned, locally managed. We want to be a car-ride away from our hard-earned money.


Midsize B-C class multifamily apartments with value-add potential. We believe dabblers get crushed so we focus hard on what we know instead of spreading our scarce resources across different asset classes.


We have a licensed, bonded and insured construction division that comes in during the stabilization process and manages our value-add projects. We have seen first hand how investors are set back by a lack of in-the-field construction experience.


We have a thorough underwriting process and a detailed business plan with multiple exit strategies for every deal. We are not merely a investment fiduciary. We are a financial steward of capital.